HeART Share

My name is Laura and I open hearts to fill them with love.

What does it mean to open your heart?

What is your perception of love?

The heart beat is the pulse of life.
It beats life force into your being

This life force creates life-manifestation. 
It can open and direct inward, outward, upward, and downward
Each spiral takes you into another reality
You decide.
Will you choose love?

What life reality are you aligned with?
You are all of it, all of the directions you choose to let your love flow.
Love is unconditional, no matter the direction. ⠀⠀
Love, what a powerful word. 
What is it really? ⠀⠀
Really, it is

It’s also neutral.
We can experience bliss, joy, or pain
But love doesn’t judge

It’s my way into the magic realms
It’s my portal into Avalon
It’s my gateway into all the fairytales
And it’s my weapon on this quest

Fierce love

It’s vulnerable, and it takes courage to keep it open
After all the hurt, do you have the courage to stay open, and choose love?⠀⠀
That’s my power
That’s the strength
It’s protected, not by closing,
but by opening in all directions!

To realise that there are many dimensions of which to expand,
and to realise this,
I am protected.

I am Laura and I am a HeARTist.
Thank you spirit of cacao for assisting my remembrance of Avalon, Heartwisdom and real Magic.


Born and raised in South Germany, Laura lived in Iceland during her visual arts studies where she met ceremonial cacao in 2017. She graduated as a literature, language and visual art teacher yet uses her teaching skills outside the school system to empower others in following their hearts. She started holding cacao ceremonies and guiding meditations in 2018 and founded her heart led business Kakaozauber to bring more magic and connection to her world. “Cacao sorcery” is the direct translation of „kakaozauber“ and stands for the alchemy we can create by re-membering the power of our own intuition, the wisdom of our hearts and the love for sacred chocolate. As a Cacao Priestess Laura offers initiation ceremonies (such as weddings, blessing ways, birthdays, funerals) and infuses her cacao rituals with the myths of Avalon, explores shamanic drum journeys and weaves her story telling into her ceremonies. Laura lives in Glastonbury, UK after spending the first lockdown 2020 down the road from Keith & Barbara in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

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